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Load Balance Broadband Router


  • Up to 4 WAN ports equipped with advanced load balance to guarantee maximum bandwidth and backup capabilities

  • Provides extensive client account and network management for administrators with supported PPPoE Server

  • Marshals bandwidth resource to specific clients based on their unique application environments

  • Smaller case for cost-effective solution in the small office or Internet cafes network

What This Product Does

The TL-R470T+ load balance broadband router is a wise choice for small business. It brings you high return on investment with low overhead. Featuring three changeable WAN/LAN ports, TL-R470T+ supports up to 4 WAN ports, which can satisfy various Internet access requirements through one device. TL-R470T+ integrates multiple load balancing strategies, advanced QoS and strong firewall to provide you with consistent network uptime and reliable Ethernet connectivity. Moreover, it is easy to manage the TL-R470T+ via a web-based utility, which makes building and managing your network more convenient. 

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