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New Generation Security System

No Wires. No Worries



Ajax protects over 2,500,000 users in 169 countries with over 70 wired and wireless devices.
The system includes indoor and outdoor intrusion, fire and leaks detectors with a wide range of smart home devices for air quality and automation.

 Ajax Systems Hub

The Ajax hub serves as a means of communication between all the devices in the system, it instantly notifies users and remote monitoring centers when an alarm is triggered.

Allow workers the ability to roam but stay connected.
Pair the DECT IP Phones with a desk phone for increased mobility but access to superior features.

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Ajax FireProtect

The fire protection of the Ajax system is provided by wireless fire detectors that give instant warning in the event of the detection of smoke, a rapid increase in temperature or a dangerous level of CO concentration. 

Protection just a click away.

The Ajax security system is easy to install in your apartment, house or office.

By choosing Ajax, you get built-in protection that's easy to manage, tamper-proof, and responds instantly to attacks.

Ajax LeakProtect

  • The Baseline product line includes devices intended to protect private and commercial property against water leaks. Our innovative technical solutions have allowed us to place advanced features with great autonomy in the compact dimensions of our wireless water leak detection and prevention devices.

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Ajax Light Switch

LightSwitch combines the reliability of a professional security system with a thoughtful user experience. The entire surface of the panel is sensitive to the touch and even to the approach of the hand (at a distance of 15 mm). Thanks to its soft backlight, LightSwitch can be used in the dark. The simple light switch can do more than turn on light fixtures. It can also simulate the presence of the owner and remotely control curtains or shutters using automation scenarios.

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